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I think the reason I’m so bad at updating on here is because if I wait long enough, lists become the best means of information conveyance. And I love lists, a lot. So here’s what’s up lately!

1) We started dance classes again last night, to brush up on our swing-dancing. What we learned is that West Coast swing is profoundly different than the version we know, and also that our local dance studio (Champion Ballroom on 53rd and Lyndale) is awesome. They’re very excited to be a part of the neighborhood, and doing a lot of event-organizing to get people involved with the local businesses while the bridge is out (it has a huge effect on them). I’m a fan.

2) The Gophers are ranked #1 in the country again, so I’m having a really hard time not getting my hopes up about March. Where are our Final Five tickets, anyway? I can’t remember if we got them in the mail or not.

3) Cindi, Jumi and I went to Kate’s baby shower last weekend, the second shower in two weeks. In Kate’s case, it was a “surprise, your baby arrived already!” party. Meg is due in a couple of weeks, and then Chris sometime later this spring. In related news, I love knitting baby things. It’s all the satisfaction of knitting clothes with much faster results.

4) My in-laws (yep, still really amusing to say that) came to visit on Tuesday, and took us to dinner at Loring Kitchen. It’s the second time we’ve been there in a few weeks, and I’m kind of in love with it. Their service is seriously excellent, and it’s going to be even better when the patio is open.

5) We’re going to Timberwolves games this weekend (thanks, Missy!) and next. If you’re not watching them, you’re missing out. I also love them for things like this.

6) Tomorrow I have an appointment at the University to attempt to find out why I have tinnitus in my left ear. It’s not the usual ringing sound, but a very low-pitched noise that had me convinced for months that there was something humming in the basement. (Kudos to Matt for not thinking I was insane.) When it’s bad, the vibration triggers my vertigo, so that’s a whole barrel of monkeys, too. Anyway! Part of my motivation in going now is that there’s a smallish chance it’s a nerve problem related to my old friend, Mr. Bulging Disk In My Neck (Esquire). While that’s probably unlikely, I want to rule that out before I go jumping off the Stratosphere with Wendy in three weeks.

6a) (I’ve had ear problems since before I remember being alive, so I’m guessing it’s probably just that. Here’s hoping it doesn’t develop into the extreme kind of tinnitus that has people thinking they’re hearing voices in their heads. Thanks, WebMD, for letting me know that was a thing!)

7) I started using Pinterest, and I kind of love it. I’ve been collecting good vegetarian and cocktail recipes, craft-nerdy stuff, and the requisite amount of travel porn.

8) Remember when I used to post photos on here? I think I’m experiencing the Project365 rebound effect. I’m likely to forget that I even own a camera unless I’m traveling.

9) I think I’ll go update trivia listings over lunch. Thanks for all the new info, everybody!

10) In response to this, I’m suggesting we start a new super PAC called Keeping America Awesome. For a six-digit or greater contribution, we will work to promote the core values this great nation was built on: freedom to get a great job, make out with whatever gender you want, and let your good times be unhampered by a gigantic pile of hypocritical judgy assholes. So donate today!


2 thoughts on “Keeping America Awesome™

  1. Reply DanNo Gravatar Feb 2, 2012 12:42 pm

    2.) Yes, but #1 in what category, exactly? I mean, I guess I’m so used to MN teams sucking that MN being ranked first in something, in my mind, equals bad.

    3.) And thank you! You are always welcome to knit Eddy some baby clothes. Also, Matt needs to come over and introduce him to some high-quality cocktails, cigars, and ska.

    7.) Is it just me or is Pinterest kind of an estrogen-fest? I’ve been using it, and it’s not bad, but man. It needs more dudely stuff on there.

    10.) I would like to help you run your SuperPAC. Instead of cheezy yesteryear marketing tactics like TV ads, we can do smaller more intimate flashmobs at bars and sporting events throughout the greater Twin Cities area. Let there be Awesome.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Feb 2, 2012 12:47 pm

      2) #1 in being good at hockey!

      3) Eddy’s sweater is underway! It’s about 6mo sized, so I figure for him it’ll be appropriate round about next fall/winter.

      7) Yep, absolutely. I noticed that all the ‘cocktail’ content in there involved chocolate, *-tinis, or sprinkles in the rim, so I’m doing my best to introduce real cocktail content, not those atrocities.

      10) Perfect. We’ll probably only have contributors here, parts of New England, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest, but those are places I’d prefer to go to garner support anyway.

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