and no plane crashes, either.

I suspect we’re not actually the only company that’s open today, but it kind of feels that way. Since all our clients are closed, things are very quiet around here.

So last weekend, after my great aunt’s funeral in Menominee, Michigan, we drove part of the way back and stayed at the Menominee Casino hotel near Shawano. (Picture a town about an hour away from the middle of nowhere, and you’ll get an idea of Shawano.) To our great surprise, it was one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in. The only downside was the restaurant, which was marginal and meat-laden, but that’s to be expected. We played video poker, blackjack, and penny slots (with the $20 we got free from the hotel), listened to the amusing country band playing at the bar, and around 11pm went for a swim. The pool was gigantic, and adult-only from 10-midnight. I’m a fan. On the way back to our room, a man asked Matt to hold his beer so he could prove to his friends he could do a cartwheel. It wasn’t pretty, but he managed.

We had a good drive back, stopping for lunch at the Great Dane in Wausau. We arrived at home with a pile of supplies from Shopko, a ton of Nueske’s meat, cheese curds, and two kinds of local beer. It was the most Wisconsin trip we could manage in slightly over 24 hours’ time.

Last week was leisurely and entertaining. We went to a second Wolves game against the Bulls, and even though they lost (as expected), it was really fun to watch. Again, that much energy in Target Center… it’s a huge novelty. Our team was an abject failure at bowling, which is probably karmic balance for dropping a sweep chant on the other team last week. (We can’t help it.)

Saturday, we went to meet Dan and Kate’s new son, Eddy, who was very impatient and decided to arrive two months early. He’s doing very well, though, and can hopefully come home with them in a few weeks! Til then, it sounds like they may be living at Fairview Southdale.

Having tensely watched the typical Gophers Friday Curse game against the North Dakota _____, we were thrilled at the turnaround on Saturday night. UND took the classy to a new level with another scuffle in the handshake line, and a dead gopher tossed on the ice. Amazing.

After the game, we went to meet up with a bunch of people for the NoBlo* pub crawl. We were at David Fong’s for a short time, then went over to Shantytown, where Marc is basically a celebrity. We then went to Sports Page for a bit, and headed home. Because of the weather and half the city being in St Paul for various events (suckers), we had most of those places to ourselves. Except for the Shanty, which was in full (horrible) karaoke swing.

Yesterday was Chris and Ryan’s wedding open house, so we went and hung out with everyone for a while. We laughed at old photos of Ryan, made big plans for a floating island on Joe’s lake up north, and witnessed a cupcake-eating competition between Adam and Sarah that amazingly did not end in vomit. (They’re practicing for the Nookie Challenge. And since they apparently have a veggie burger on the menu, I kind of want to go witness that event.)

This week we have a double-date with Cindi and Adam, and we’ll also be wrapping up our Europe planning with a Paris hotel booking and Eurostar tickets so we can ride a train through the Chunnel. I think I’ll attempt to not daydream about the cruise portion of that trip for a while, having just seen the Costa Concordia tipped over in the Mediterranean. (Thanks in advance for not crashing into an island, Holland America Captain. I’d prefer not to have to use a lifeboat on my honeymoon.)


*North Bloomington, obviously.

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