the totally non-wedding related update!

I haven’t written much here lately not just because of the lack of time, but also because I don’t want to be all WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING even though that’s what occupies 99% of my brain these days. Understandably, but I also know what I want to do to other people who are that way.

So, the non-wedding-related news!

We managed to have a for-real date night last Friday. We had food at Barrio, oldtimey cocktails at Murray’s (I’ve always wanted to go in there to see if they have bartenders who are good at manhattans and martinis, and they do!), and saw Contagion at the not-giving-a-shit-anymore Block E. (I’ll be sad when it finally closes or goes up in flames… it might be crappy but it’s hella convenient.) Since I have an incredibly nerdy fascination with all things related to the spread of disease and how viruses proliferate, Contagion was my favorite movie of the year. Like, if it was made into a 24-hour cable channel, that’s all I’d ever watch.

After the movie, we visited Bradstreet and were treated extremely well by Jordan, as usual.

On Sunday, we went to the last day of races at Canterbury. They started early, at 11, so that they could hold an NFL pick-em and be finished in time to show the Vikings game at three. (We didn’t stick around for it, and thank god for that. Depressing.)

Last night, we swam. I was excited to do the 500m breast stroke straight through without a break. We can do a half-mile pretty easily now, too! (Note that that’s ‘easily’, not ‘quickly’.) After that, we went over to Zipps for some last minute purchases, then had dinner at True Thai. I’d never been there before, but we’ll be back: the red curry with squash and mock duck was incredible.

(Speaking of True Thai, I’d heard about the death of their cook and also the Joe Senser drunk-driving homicide, but I did not know til today those were the same incident. Horrible.)

We also bought tickets to Las Vegas for Matt’s birthday next year! It’s just a quick weekend trip, but I made good use of my companion voucher from American Express. I expected it to be as tricky as booking frequent flier itineraries, but it was actually really easy. So, yeah, in between our fall-travel craziness and the honeymoon next May, we have Vegas in February. You should consider joining us.

And now… since Matt’s parents arrive today (and will leave Tuesday as my parents-in-law!), it’s all wedding from now on!

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