Last weekend, Matt and I went to visit his parents in South Dakota. While this midwestern adventure may not sound all that exciting, we always have a great time there.

On Saturday, we did our usual rounds of Watertown (i.e. went to Shopko, my favorite discount store in the universe), then Matt and I went to walk down by the Sioux River. The river had returned to its banks, but there was evidence of flooding everywhere, and approximately 400 noisy geese and ducks.

bridge over the sioux river

The path went right by the zoo, which was surprisingly awesome. We’ll have to actually pay admission sometime.

buffalo (127/365)
Later on, Matt made mint juleps, Judy and I donned funny hats, and we placed bets on the derby. None of us picked a winner, but Judy came closest and won a whole $4.

mint julep

In the evening, we went to the Zoom-Zoom Room, otherwise known as the bar with the taps at the tables, to see a band fronted by a guy Matt went to school with. When Judy and Harlan were ready to go, we had them drop us off downtown. We took about 10 steps into the Harbor Bar before realizing it was almost completely empty (and almost more disturbingly, smoke-free; they’d finally passed a law), so we went to Duffy’s instead. It’s an excellent old bar featuring cheap drinks, an amazing jukebox, and video lottery machines. Matt tripled his money playing blackjack while we were there.

Around 1:30 or so, we walked back to his parents’ house. One should always be lucky enough to live within walking distance of a bar, really.

Sunday morning, we made Mother’s Day brunch. Matt’s asparagus frittata was amazing, and Judy seemed pretty happy with the whole thing.

judy's mothers day brunch (128/365)


And since I started typing this on Friday, I should probably post this now so I can move on to the current era. But that can wait, because it’s gorgeous outside and dinner is underway.

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