We’re off to San Diego this weekend! Matt has another conference tomorrow where he’ll be teaching regional employees to be nerdy, and I’ll go see some more of the city while he’s doing that. (I’ve been to San Diego twice, but never spent the night… I’ve always driven down from LA.)

I’m hoping to see more of this:

cabrillo (2005)

And definitely more of this (it’ll be too cold to hang out on the beach, but any day you can see the ocean, it’s a good one):

beach on coronado island (2005)

I bought tickets to LA yesterday, too. Matt has another conference there over Easter weekend, so we’re going to fly out Friday night and come back Monday. I’ll never be sad about more time spent in California.

And since it seems like I only talk about travel on here nowadays (hey, I’m sparing you from wedding talk… I could do a ton of that, too): we booked our pre-honeymoon! The Monday after the wedding, we’re flying to Key West, spending 2 nights in an old mansion on the beach with an infinity pool, spending 2 more nights in a bed and breakfast with a deck overlooking the pool, and then we’re going to rent a car and drive up the overseas highway through the Keys to Miami. There, we’ll spend a night on South Beach, drinking mojitos and eating Cuban food.

I apologize for ever complaining that we weren’t going to get to travel very much this year. It seems perhaps I was wrong.

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