that’s a lot of beans.

Thanksgiving was delicious! We’re still eating leftovers; the last of my celebration roast disappeared tonight and I’m kind of sad about it.

thanksgiving spread

Matt deep-fried a turkey breast, and made both regular cassoulet (in that giant cast iron pot) and a vegetarian version for me with Tofurky chorizo. My dad said the stuffing was the best he’d ever eaten. Also, Martha Stewart’s green bean casserole is amazing.

These cranberry-pecan-pumpkin blondies were excellent, too:

cranberry pecan pumpkin blondies

One of my favorite achievements? I made cranberry sauce, strained it, and molded it in a can. My sugar-free version (unstrained, with pumpkin pie spices and currants) tasted better, but the effect was important.

cranberry sauce

my thanksgiving dinner

There was some concern that my parents wouldn’t make it with the weather (they were driving back from the Upper Peninsula around noon Thursday), but everything worked out perfectly. Also, I got to use my Wedgwood china. That happens approximately once every two years.

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to some hardcore chilling, christmas knitting/crocheting, running errands, eating leftovers, and most importantly, putting up the Christmas tree!!

christmas tree 2010!

I should maybe get on that Christmas shopping thing. Anyone have ideas for my mom?

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