don’t worry bout a ting

How’s this for a date night? Present Moment (the hippie store where you can buy anything from crystals to tarot cards — we were buying herbs for bitters-making) and Ax-Man Surplus. HOT. Oh, and then we had dinner at FACES Mears Park. It was… eh. Nowhere near as good as the menu would suggest. I’d be willing to give it another try, I guess. (Oh, and the server gave us attitude for using an OpenTable gift certificate. Super-lame, considering we earned that patronizing restaurants such as that.)

Rather than stick around there for a cocktail, we went over to Barrio. We’ve been in there and the Bulldog Lowertown a couple times and the places were hateful… not due to the restaurants themselves, but the crowd. I understand that’s what you get when you visit places like that after 11pm on the weekend, however. Anyway, Barrio was awesome, and we of course ended up watching DECISION 2010 in closed-captioning. Ridiculous, but I’m glad anyway that he’s going to Miami.

I’ve been working away at my 101 things, and updating the list regularly! I told Matt he only needs to hear about it for 980-ish more days.

Today after work, we’re heading to Duluth for the Bayfront Reggae Festival. It’s supposed to be 80 and sunny tomorrow, which strikes me as just about perfect for sitting in a park all day and feelin’ irie. I can’t wait!

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