bowling + boobs

Our fundraiser at Memory Lanes is tonight! I can’t wait.

Last night, I collected all our silent auction items and a pile of more than 60 bidding sheets, and then Matt and I went to pick up our last donation at Hell’s Kitchen. Since we were there anyway, of course we had to have dinner.

After that, we walked over to Om to collect a free drink I earned for answering their poll about Twins games on Twitter. Seriously, do you know how much free stuff we’ve won because of Twitter? It almost makes its habitual joylessness worthwhile. Plus I get to talk to people about sports a lot.

Also, it’s always a point of pride to be mistaken for industry people by bartenders. Matt just tells them we’re ‘enthusiasts’. Hey, we intend to own a bar someday! Being knowledgeable is critical.

Hope to see you tonight at Memory Lanes!

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