not looking at my final five tickets.

There were so many ways in which this weekend ruled.

Friday night, we joined Sarah and John and others at Big 10 to celebrate Sarah’s last day of work. She doesn’t have another job lined up; she just hated it that much. I’ve never seen someone so happy to be unemployed. Also, I miss those guys a lot! We haven’t seen them in forever.

The party moved over to Stub and Herbs for a while, where we ran into Kris. After everybody else headed out, Matt and I went over to Mayslacks to see Natty Nation, and then made the obligatory stop at Santana’s. It’s been way too long.

It was gorgeous outside on Saturday, so we decided to drive over to hang out in Stillwater, with a trip to the Wisconsin side of the river for New Glarus (and Everclear: heads up, Cindi!). Here is why Wisconsin is awesome:

We did some shopping in Stillwater, then stopped at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue for lunch.There was further wandering and shopping in Stillwater, followed by a stop at Target where we obtained everything we needed (well, except for the groceries) for the baby shower next weekend. I’m so excited!!

Sunday, we had brunch at Grumpy’s with Stephanie, and then it was time for the last game of the regular hockey season. It was stressful for two reasons: 1) it was senior day, which always makes me cry, and 2) we were playing the Badgers, who we had little hope of beating. And, you know, the thing about the worst Gophers season in recent memory. There’s that.

I did cry at the senior day presentation. As for the rest… well, I really had nothing to worry about. The Gophers won, 6 to 1. Speaking of stressful, the WCHA playoffs start on Friday. In North Dakota. Blech.

As we know, anything can happen.

After the game, I shoveled off the patio so we could grill. If you’d have told me while we were buried under two feet of snow that we’d be hanging out in the backyard comfortably the first week in March, I’d have never believed it. This pre-spring anticipation is going to kill me. I’m just going to ponder the fact that it’s only 45 days til we go to New Orleans instead.

Tonight: the final installment of letterpress 1, where I finish my project and we all distribute the fruits of our labor. You wouldn’t think being covered in lead and ink in a dank basement every Monday night would be so awesome, and yet.

I shall return with photos!

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