esta semana 4

…I came home with my first project from letterpress class. We hand-inked wood type to produce something like this:

I have it hanging at my desk now, which is causing some confusion for my coworkers.

(I love letterpress class so much. I want to look at type and print blocks on the internet all the time, but I’m trying to restrain myself til it’s over and I know that I want to commit that much money to it. I think I already know the answer to that, though.)

I went to both the doctor and the hospital for x-rays!

I’ve had this ache in my left ribcage for at least a month now. While it hasn’t gotten any worse and I don’t have any other symptoms, it hasn’t gotten better, either. After telling Matt for the 50th time that I was probably dying, he asked me to please go see the doctor. So I did.

It’s still frustratingly unclear, but she thinks it’s nothing internal (whew!), so it’s likely just muscular. I’m waiting for a call back with the x-ray results today, but obviously it’s pretty unlikely that I have a cracked rib or anything. In them meantime, I’m supposed to take ibuprofin twice a day to try to break whatever cycle might be causing the muscle issue. It only hurts when I’m sitting down, so at least I get a break from it when I’m not at work.

Matt and I had dinner at Mayslack’s on Wednesday night (as a half-hour wait at the Anchor Bar wasn’t even close to worth it), then went to check out Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den for the first time. The good things: 1) the tribute to Stand-Up Franks (RIP, bar where you get wanded at the door) 2) the awesome decor 3) the cocktail menu. The bad things: 1) the uninventive bartender (with such an excellent collection of good-quality booze, it’s strange to see a bartender who doesn’t really know how to use it – though Matt points out that their weekend people are probably more highly-skilled) 2) the fact that it was pretty much dead, and you never hear anything about it anymore. I suspect it’s not long for this world, so go have a zombie before it’s shuttered.

Last night, I arrived at bowling with less-than-perfect cookies (nobody seemed to mind much) to find out that we were in first place, and I have the current high scratch score.

We were uniformly terrible last night, but we may manage to hang onto the top spot for another week. Having a league made up of six teams you know? Pretty much a win for everybody.

Tonight we’re going to a party that involves a hat contest. Time to bust out the shame sombrero!!

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  1. Reply ColleenNo Gravatar Feb 5, 2010 12:42 pm

    Your rib thing is going to be just like the time I had to have a BONE SCAN for undiagnosed pelvic pain, which came back as a bruised pelvis. By which I mean, high five Matt for me and get ready for physical therapy.

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