Guys, my cruise pictures are DONE! And it only took me a month. Dang.

As far as weekends go, this one was pretty much perfect. We had dinner with Dan and Kate at Big 10 while watching the Gophers game Friday, and while I expected to be either crying or in a fistfight by the end of it (as they were playing UND), such was not the case: it ended in a tie. When your team is alarmingly terrible and they’re playing their biggest rival, you’re very, very happy about that.

We headed over to the 90s with Kate, where we met up with Wendy, Meg, and Lisa, who was celebrating her birthday. The first thing she said to me was that I was not allowed to buy her a birthday shot. That lasted all of an hour!

Saturday, we did all our round-the-house stuff and watched some of the playoffs before meeting my sister for our traditional pregame celebration at Grumpy’s. We then headed to Mariucci, at least 20% less nervous about the second in the UND series. The Gophers had proven that they could stand up to the Flickertails, so we had a little hope.

And then, the most awesome thing happened.

5-1 Gophers. The third and fourth goals happened within 7 seconds of one another, setting a new record for the team. We hadn’t even finished high-fiving everyone before the second one happened. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up for the rest of the season, but I’ll do so anyway. They’re my beloved Gophers, after all.

Matt and I went to Bradstreet for cocktails after the game. Downtown was swarming with Cowboys fans in a vast array of trashiness. There was a very amusing table of them near us at the bar, and they managed to deplete both the Crown Royal and the Balvenie supply. That’s impressive.

Not as impressive as the Vikings stomping all over the Cowboys the next day, though. Granted, it was clear that a lot of that was the Cowboys forgetting how to do that thing they do in the fall and winter every year, but still. It was great.

We surprised Klein by all showing up at his house to watch, carrying food and all wearing pajama bottoms. I spent the day watching football, knitting, and playing poker. WIN.

I’d probably be more bummed at having to work today if the people who had the day off weren’t out eating piles of meat at Fogo de Chao right now.  Yuck!

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