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Here’s what I’ve been working on in this excellent new year.

I made a bunch of washcloths and a scrubby at Judy’s request. She loves the ones I made her last year. I just love knitting washcloths, because they take about 3 minutes each. It’s gratifying.

Technically I knit this over a year ago, but I finally got some felt and put a big dollar sign on it. It’s Matt’s moneybag! There’s a way-too-long story behind it, but it’s really cute.

I’ve been working on this gigantic lace project (here’s what the finished version looks like). It’s a round shawl, but I’m going to use it as a tablecloth. If it turns out well, it might just visit the state fair this year.

Here are the makings of a ton of mole sauce. It took a few hours just to get to this point, and then a couple more hours after!

Technically Matt made this Mahnomin Porridge from Damn Good Food. I did cook the rice, though!

I made these with some of the wheat dough in the fridge last night. They’re the bread knots with parsley and garlic from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

I finished editing my photos from Sint Maarten and Saint Martin! Only 4 more islands and the rest of Puerto Rico to go.

Yesterday, I put on 42 layers of outerwear and headed out to scrape off my windshield, only to discover that my car wouldn’t start. The extra-fun part was that we’d hauled a bunch of stuff in the backseat, and I left my seat moved all the way forward to unload the car on Saturday, which meant that it was stuck that way with the dead battery. I really hope my neighbors weren’t watching me try to get in there, all hunkered over like a midget.

We tried to jump it to no avail, so I had to call AAA. I could hardly be too crabby about it, though, since my coworker got me on the VPN so I could get work done, and the tow truck driver was there by 8:20. He had my car running within 5 minutes, and then spent 5 more minutes talking about how much he loved it. I’d have been happy to discuss my car’s awesomeness at more length, but I couldn’t feel my feet anymore.

Today, Matt had a flat tire. Winter can suck it, no matter how productive it makes me.

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  1. Reply ChaelyNo Gravatar Jan 5, 2010 10:36 am

    So jealous. I am THE opposite. I accomplish about one non-daily-chore thing a day from November until May. The cold absolutely cripples my body & my motivation.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Jan 5, 2010 10:43 am

      i think my makin-stuff urge is something i’ve adapted to deal with my desire to go out all the time. staying home is way cheaper and usually warmer!

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