no one knows how long the curse lasts, either.

1) This is all that’s left of the Uptown Bar. Well, this, and about 30 pint glasses in our cabinet.

2) I made Curry-Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpeas for dinner last night. I only used one squash because the recipe serves twelve, plus it takes about 4 days to peel an unroasted squash. We still have enough left over to be eating it for the next week, and I’m really happy about that. It’s delicious, and really good for you.

3) I’ve been Christmas-knitting like crazy, to the point where I finished all my current gift projects and am now waiting on new yarn to arrive. I’ll use that time to work on a cowl I’m designing for myself, and a shrug to replace the one I lost in Vegas for prurient reasons. That’s the only valid reason for losing things, in my opinion.

4) I’ve been having a hell of a time with stupid corporations lately. First, there was the bill from HealthPartners for my foot-injury-related visit to urgent care in September. As I’d been referred to that hospital before, I was pretty sure that BCBS should’ve covered the claim. I called and verified that both the hospital and doctor were covered, then called HealthPartners. Someone had typed my policy number in wrong. That, at least, was an easy fix.

Second, Delta hasn’t credited the frequent flyer miles on our flight from MSP to Boston, even though two separate individuals have now assured me that it’s been completed. I’ve sent them both screenshots showing that it obviously has not. Next step: calling and yelling. I’ll wait til after work.

The one that makes my brains melt with rage is the discovery yesterday that I have $7,000 sitting uninvested in my work-sponsored IRA. That means that for several months, they’d just let it sit there, even though I was informed that my last investment advisor was buying into a $5000-minimum Fidelity Fund. Much as I would like to wander over to UBS and start randomly punching people for messing with my financial future, I’ll simply enjoy the knowledge that my company is switching investment management firms within a month or two. Thank god for that.

5) Matt and I realized that our upcoming weekends are as follows: hockey and chillin’, Thanksgiving in Sodakia, the greatest work Christmas party of all time (seriously), Puerto Rico, cruise, Christmas, New Year’s. WOW.

6) You know why the only good sports franchise we have here is the Vikings, and the rest of our teams are even more appallingly dreadful than usual? THE FAVRE CURSE.

Think about it.

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