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My sister and I decided a very long time ago that we needed wills. I know that sounds funny at our age, but it’s really the financially responsible thing to do if:

– you have any money or assets of value, and
– there are people you love.

Minneapolis Community Ed offers a regularly-occuring write-your-own-will class for $35, which includes the paperwork and the services of a notary public. (As you probably know, I’m community ed’s biggest fan, even though they didn’t offer whittling class this quarter.) We figured it’d be the two of us and maybe 6 old people, but that was not the case at all: there were at least 50 people there, several of them in their 20s.

It took less than 2.5 hours for the lawyer to read through the document and explain everything to us (it’d have taken a lot less had several people not had to air their legal laundry and ask a million dumb questions). You don’t have to finish the will while you’re there, but it’s in your interest to do so, as it has to be signed in front of two (non-spousal) witnesses, and then notarized. You designate beneficiaries and your executor, but you don’t have to fill out the sheet detailing specific property to be distributed to various individuals; you can do that later. Which is good, because I plan to find the most embarrassing things in the house to leave to Wendy.

I witnessed five people’s wills, and then we all got in line to have the lawyer notarize them. He checked it over for completeness, and we were on our way with a fully-legal document that hopefully won’t see the light of day for a very long time. Still, it’s excellent to know you’ve got all your financial bases covered.

So what I’m saying is: will class? A++ would take again. Check it out.

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  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Oct 29, 2009 8:42 am

    I wish to not have vegetables left to me. Other then that, I say only one thing: BRING IT.

  2. Reply cheleNo Gravatar Oct 29, 2009 8:08 pm

    I did my will back when, well, things were kind of scary and uncertain. But I’m glad I did it. You should also consider doing a living will (if you haven’t already done that) and designating a power of attorney. Then you’ve covered all your bases.

    Also, you should go back and check your will every five years or so, to make sure that everything is still the way you’d like it to be.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on TV,


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