I, like most Minnesota sports fans, cannot wait for the new Twins stadium to open. They update the countdown to the new ballpark at every game, and it’s getting close. Even more exciting to me, though, is the fact that there are only three more excellent opportunities to be run over by a car this season!

On the way to my parking lot after work, I have to cross the intersection at 5th Avenue and 3rd Street. It’s a pretty scary prospect already, with the two left-hand turn lanes onto 3rd. I’ve had to jump out of the way a few times, and once I actually kicked the passing car. I’ve had drivers make eye contact as they almost run me over. I know they try to run everyone over, but I do kind of take it personally.

Twins day games, though, make the situation at least 370% worse. There are a lot of people driving around who don’t often visit the city, which means they don’t seem to realize that there are people crossing the street on a regular basis. They’re known as ‘pedestrians’, and running over a ‘pedestrian’ is a felony. In fact, killing a pedestrian with your car will land you in jail for several years*.

Three day games to go! I might just make it.

*Unless you’re a professional athlete.

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