vegetarian fishing

Matt and I played tennis last night. I haven’t played tennis since I was maybe 15. Maybe. I think he’s around the same time-frame as well, though his 15 was a lot more recent.

I loved it. We were a disaster at first, lucky if we could do more than return the serve. But within the hour, we were starting to be fairly functional. We’d probably have played more, except that the courts at Armatage are reserved for lessons at 5:45, and people showed up. We’ll be doing that again soon, and I’m excited that we have some other tennis courts within walking distance.

The rest of the night was spent in camping prep. I premixed the dry ingredients for 3 batches of pizza dough for lunch on Saturday. Everything is stacked in very orderly fashion in our fridge, waiting to move to the cooler. We also emptied our usual rolling camping-gear bag, and shoved everything into two hiking packs instead, since the group camp is a ways from the parking area. Mostly it was an excuse to use the backpacking gear, though.

My pack was tolerable until I put Infinite Jest in the pocket. That book needs to come in a multi-part edition.

As Wendy and Matt intend to fish in the river, I’ve decided I need to test out my vegetarian fishing concept. The idea behind it is that I like fishing (you know, the act of chilling on a boat pretending like you’re going to catch dinner), but I don’t want to hurt a fish. And while every time I say that, someone assures me that stabbing a fish in the mouth and yanking it out of the water is, in fact, completely pleasant to the fish, probably so much so that they actually love it a lot, I’m not having any of it. If you did that to me, I’d be pissed, even if you do throw me back.

So what I’m saying is that I’m going to get a stick and some string and probably a pebble, and I’m going to fish vegetarian-style.

See you next week!

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