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I love summer, despite it being the reason I can’t keep up with my typing. There’s a lot going on!

In out-and-about news, we went to watch a bunch of our friends play softball in a park in Minneapolis that didn’t allow beer (that was way more traumatic to them than their mercy-rule loss), hung out on the patio (sidewalk) at Adrian’s Tavern on Chicago Avenue, spent happy hour with Kris and Orsi and a bunch of others at Town Hall, went to Friday Night Meats at Ryan’s house, bet on horses and got sunburnt with Bill and Marc at Canterbury, and had a birthday party at our house on Saturday night, which resulted in all of us seeing way too much of Pete’s ass. So much that I’ve now become desensitized to seeing it. Pete’s ass no longer has any power over me.

Since last we spoke, both hockey and basketball seasons came to an end. Thank god we can go outside this time of year.

Speaking of outside, our yard is so awesome. The garden is growing quickly, and the rabbits and squirrels have so far left it alone. We put in solar lights along the walkway, and galvanized planters full of purple and white flowers out front. Matt and I spent half of Sunday mowing, edging, and weeding. It all looks great.

I knew I’d be really happy with our yard come spring, I just didn’t realize it’d pull together so quickly. And, oh, do I have plans for next year. Plans that involve tearing out the front garden that’s full of ground cover/weeds and putting in big flowery perennials and bulbs. (With our landlord’s permission, of course. He doesn’t seem to mind anything in the way of home improvement.) The vegetable garden is more of a test this year than anything, so I know what will work well next year. And then there’s the clematis on the arbor and the million containers I’d like to get going… It’s hard to be patient!

Item #5 on my list of homemade gifts has been sent out to Paul! That leaves you, Chaely. I want to believe I’m the only person in internet history to finish this project. Let me know if that’s untrue.

Tonight is date night. Please take note of the Do Not Disturb sign at our house, and have a happy Bloomsday!!

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  1. Reply ChaelyNo Gravatar Jun 16, 2009 4:28 pm

    I am so excited I could pee if I hadn’t just. As far as I know you are the only person to complete that challenge. I am not surprised.

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