sadly, his name wasn’t chips ahoy.

Why Canterbury Park is awesome:

1. Free admission passes are easy to come by. We get them at Twins games, and found more in the local coupon guide that came in the mail.
2. The minimum bet is $1. If you’re a high roller like me, you bet $2. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 on gambling there.
3. You can hang out in the sun all day with a drink and some surprisingly decent food.
4. They show the Triple Crown races on the jumbotron, and you can bet on those as well.
5. Picking horses is fun. I pick the names I like best, then look at the odds.
6. Sometimes you pick the winners of three races in a row successfully, and you win $136. Just like I did on Saturday. Please note that the one that clinched it for me was the 5th horse in the 6th race.

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