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Last night at trivia, I ended up sitting very near a group of loud drunk guys, still in their work clothes, who it was impossible to not overhear. So being me, of course I had to listen.

The loudest guy, a slick-looking dude in his late 20s, worked in finance for a GM company. Now, I’d never be one to jump to conclusions, but because I’d recently purchased a car there, I happen to be aware of a GM dealership (*cough*) just two doors away from this particular Senser’s in Bloomington. The older guy nearest me worked for Bank of America, one of the lenders through which this dealership offered financing. After several rounds of I-love-you-man-style bonding (they’d obviously been there since postwork, and stayed til after we left at midnight), they started bitching about work.

In fact, they only talked about the wild world of auto finance the whole time they were there. My favorite was:

GM guy: Hey, man, what does your wife do?

BA guy: Oh, she’s in charge of HR at a major hospital. So she has no fucking clue what our work is about.

Yeah, important work. Like lifesaving or charity or, you know, manipulating people away from their money. It’s hard to understand. Anyway.

My favorite part was when the dealership guy started talking about how nice it was that they didn’t have to default to GMAC for auto financing, as GMAC is way too busy circling the drain right now. He told the BA guy that now they got to divide their loans between five or so major lenders. He did his best to divide them up evenly, because he liked everyone equally. Except Chase. Man, those guys were assholes. The Bank of America guy couldn’t help but agree.

So Mr Slick GM guy started very subtly implying that if the BA guy could ‘do something more’ for him, he’d be very happy to cut Chase out of the loop completely, and double Bank of America’s business. Which all sounded very good to both of them, and they’d probably have to discuss that further.

Which… ok, I’m not sure if that’s legal. It has to at least be unethical. Particularly when these companies are struggling and now publicly-funded—not because they’re victims of a poor economy, but because they’re the ones who created it, through questionable fiscal practices and flat-out exploitation. So the fact that they’re still wheeling and dealing like that is flat-out hateful.

Also, you know how when you decide to finance through the dealership, they get quotes from a number of banks and are supposed to give you the one with the best interest rate? I guess that’s not true, is it?

I’d think it’d be hard for those guys to not hate themselves, but they seemed lack the self-awareness. And that’s sad.

2 thoughts on “why banks suck: reason #4,840

  1. Reply Zach SchumackNo Gravatar May 15, 2009 1:59 pm

    Wow I am so glad that you were able to put this up on the web, GM= American dream, HA

  2. Reply Bill KNo Gravatar May 16, 2009 3:30 pm

    auto finance people are a special breed. slimy fuckers. the dealership finance guys are notorious for getting kickbacks and shit.

    i will never go into a dealership intending to buy a car without my own financing.

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