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I want to plant things! And it’s not time yet!!

I’m so excited about our yard. I haven’t had any of that since we sold our house 37 years ago (ok, it feels like 37 years ago. It was actually May 2005; it’s really only been 4 years??); the closest thing in recent years had been the shared patio at Matt’s apartment building that we exploited on a regular basis. But now it’s all ours!! (Technically our landlord’s. He’s told us to do whatever we want with the yard.)

In the past couple months, we’ve obtained a gas grill and a patio set with an umbrella. We put up lights around the entire yard, and candles on stakes. We’ve prepared the garden, and planted the frost-tolerant seeds. I started the warm-weather seeds indoors, and they’re getting ready to move outside in a few weeks. Matt’s dad raked the entire yard, and we overseeded the back to clean up some of the bare spots left by the previous resident’s dog. We moved the arbor in and dug out the firepit.

Now all we need is… well, a million more things. The priorities are:

– Stackable chairs for when people come over. I figure we need at least 8 of them. Why are they so expensive?

– Firewood. We may end up just having it delivered.

– Plants. I have a million ideas. The focus is mostly the vegetable garden for now.

– 2 lounge chairs for the yard. I’m trying to convince Matt to be ultragay and get a double chaise.

I have daydreams involving the garden center, but I’m trying to resist going there too much until it’s actually planting time. I do love, though, that the end result is something useful (re: food), relaxing, and the kind of place where people want to hang out. Pretty much my goal with everything, really.

2 thoughts on “only two weeks…

  1. Reply LeslieNo Gravatar Apr 22, 2009 8:04 am

    My neighbor is selling his tiki bar. Just sayin’ :)

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Apr 22, 2009 8:06 am


      our downstairs bar is actually an outdoor one, too, but who wants to move all that outside? haha.

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