no one on the corner got a pocket like this.


In the past three days, we’ve been out to dinner three times, to trivia twice, and bowled once. Also, I discovered that Marla’s has vegetarian callaloo on the menu. That’s reason enough to go back there at least 4 times a week.

We lost trivia Wednesday, won last night (it’s the one that matters, re: $100 cash), sucked at bowling after beating the first-place team last week, spent time at Merlin’s Rest, Town Talk, the aforementioned Marla’s, Senser’s, and a place called Shantytown in Bloomington. Seriously. It’s fantastic.

Tonight we’re planning to stay home for once. There are a lot of sporting events going on, and there’s a very cute boy on the couch.

Also, airfare dropped suddenly yesterday, so we now have two tickets to Puerto Rico. WIN.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to absorb as much awesome as you possibly can. I have faith in you!

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