also, i filled out 50 brackets.

Oh, holy crap. I’m having trouble keeping up with the posting, re: busy-ness. Work has been kind of nuts, and I try to only play Mob Wars on my computer at home.

As you of course must know by now, the Gophers made the Final Five. We play Duluth tomorrow night in the play-in game. I’m pretty nervous about it, so hopefully all will be well. If not, you’ll find us out on West 7th having Sharks-and-Jets-style battles with Sioux fans all weekend.

Friday night, Matt and I went out after the game, to see the Tim Malloys at Kierans. We had some Feckin’ whiskey, which I like not only for the name, but the flavor. Afterwards, we went to the Triple Rock, and discovered that they had vegetarian poutine. WIN.

Saturday, my sister came over to watch the game with us, and then we went to a party to celebrate Andy and Kristin’s engagement. Klein managed to convince all of us that Pete and Christa had named their baby ‘Bobby Danger’. Now I’m kind of sad they didn’t.

Sunday, we went for a walk, chilled, and did a lot of grilling. Matt made salsa, and we ate that with the dinner we grilled later. I still can’t get over how awesome it is to have a patio, a grill, and a yard again. I ordered seeds yesterday, and we will hopefully be growing crops and supplying half the country with amaranth and pole beans by midsummer.

On Monday, we went to pre-bowl, since we have hockey tomorrow. I can’t believe I seem to actually be improving at bowling… I’m consistently between about 110-125. Granted, that means I’ll bowl a 69 next week. There are other ways to win, after all.

Last night, we went to Lyle’s (aka O’Meshbeshers) for St Patrick’s Day. We hung out with Cindi for a while, and then went over to CC Club, when Lyle’s wouldn’t let Wendy in with her passport for ID. We met her and Willis there, pre-celebrated Wendy’s birthday, and then were joined by a bunch more people just as we were preparing to leave. Matt and I managed to get home around 11:30, and that’s why I’m dozing here today.

Oh, and: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY!!! I had a dream that we went to Vegas last night. Clearly, that should happen.

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