this season sweep must continue.

Dudes. This is the best sports time of the year. I’m not going to say anything about going the Final Five right now, though.

There’s the high school hockey tournament, the WCHA tournament, and the college basketball tournaments leading up to the NCAA tournament. I do love me some brackets.

Thursday night, Matt and I went to the Timberwolves game with Suzi’s tickets, because she’s busy hanging out on the beach in Florida. They beat the Grizzlies, and it was exciting to actually be able to see all the players up close. Particularly Kevin Love. No reason.

Last night, we bowled. I did really well, something like 111-124-137. That’s awesome for someone who’s been known to bowl the occasional 69 (which, personally, I believe should qualify as some sort of win). Afterwards, we went to trivia. There were six of us: me, Matt, Missy, Doran, Jon, and Alanna. They seated us directly next to the table of our biggest competition, the guys who won when we were in Jamaica. In the end, neither of our teams won: we tied for 2nd. A group of 10 chefs from Le Cordon Bleu won instead. For the first time ever, we had to pay our tab! That’s what hubris gets you: a bill.

Tonight, the Gophers take on St Cloud in the first round of the WCHA tournament. It’s highly stressful. Count on us to either be celebrating our drowning our sorrows, starting around 10pm tonight.

Have a great weekend. Go Gophers!!

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