the fog that turns you inside out

Aaagh! I meant to post last week, then I forgot. I’ve been very busy with extremely important things. And only one of those sentences is true.

Since we spoke, I have:

1) gone on a date (with Matt, don’t worry) that involved deep dish pizza, tiki drinks, and naked ladies at a cop bar

2) finished my Jamaica photos (travel journal still to come!)

3) made seitan fajitas on the grill, since it was practically summer last week

4) finished Girasole. It’s gorgeous, and I’m entering it in the fair.

5) did not-so-well at bowling

6) won trivia for the 4th time ($400!)

7) watched an extremely stressful Gophers game at home

8) went to David Fong’s with Missy and Doran to recover from the extremely stressful Gophers game

9) had a last-minute party at our house Saturday night, which went til 5am

10) slept extremely late (daylight savings was only partly to blame)

11) did a lot of knitting and settin’ on the couch

I’m currently staring out the window at the crazy fog, and the weather alert icon that keeps popping up every 2 seconds. Isn’t it supposed to be spring or something now? I guess I’ll wait to have my snow tires switched.

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