the seed (2.0)

Listen. I’m not very good at bowling. Last night, I got a 69 (snort), 117, and something in the 70s, I think. So I’m good at being inconsistent, at least.

After bowling, we went to defend our title at trivia, and spend the $100 we won last time. There were only four of us on the team, so at the end of the night, we left $100 for the tab, $20 as tip, and each took $20 home with us. I love that we made a profit at the bar!

TONIGHT IS HOCKEY. HOORAY!! We’ll be watching the game in Mankato at Lyle’s, and will be attending Mariucci tomorrow evening. After we run to Target to buy twin-sized flat sheets, that is; we’re totally going to a toga party after the game. I love it.

And since I already posted this dumb meme on Facebook and I love oversharing, here you go. 25 random tidbits about me. Happy Friday!!

1. i’m whatever the opposite of private is. too-private people make me nervous.
2. i try to take two major vacations a year, preferably to new countries.
3. i have narrow eustachian tubes! this results in me being deaf half the time.
4. i had a girlfriend for 10 years. that didn’t end well.
5. i want to go skydiving again, but i promised my physical therapist i wouldn’t. i have a neck injury.
6. i’m vegetarian but could never be vegan.
7. my default state is: amused + overexcited.
8. i don’t believe in ghosts, but i’ve seen them before. i’m aware that makes absolutely no sense.
9. i get so emotional about travel that it makes me cry.
10. i don’t want kids. i just don’t have the biological urge at all.
11. i’ve studied german, latin, japanese, greek, arabic, spanish, and i have a degree in russian.
12. i make an effort to never regret having NOT done something. success in life means taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.
13. i prefer to spend money on experiences, rather than possessions.
14. i’d go dancing daily if i could.
15. i have a hell of a temper, and i also get over things really quickly.
16. my first apartment had rats, roaches, dudes trying to break in, and finally burnt down.
17. i’m really good at my job. it suits me.
18. i schedule everything around gophers hockey this time of year. it’s critically important.
19. there are five states i haven’t been to: ME, NH, MA, VT, and RI. i’ll get there at some point, it’s just not a priority.
20. i have 9 tattoos. i hope to get #10 with my BFF!!!!!111 (dear wendy: HINT.)
21. i consider my massive photo collection one of the most important things i own.
22. one of my biggest goals is to be wealthy enough to move to the caribbean and buy a bar. i work on it every day.
23. i need to be around people regularly, or i feel cooped-up and jittery.
24. i’m madly in love. like, the kind of ridiculous, schmoopy, embarrassingly over-the-top love that annoys you in other people. it’s the best thing ever.
25. i’ve walked the breast cancer 3-day three times, and have crewed once. i’ll be crewing again this year. it’s the hardest and most life-changing thing i’ve ever done.

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