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Last night, I told Matt I loved him more than Google spreadsheets. That’s saying a lot.

Every paycheck, I update my PTO spreadsheet. It has projections about how much time off I’ll have, and lists future planned vacation so I know I’ll still be in the black most of the time. As of a month or so again, this entire year was basically committed…

A week in Negril in February (24 days from now!!)

A day for the Final Five in March

A few days for camping and music festivals over the summer

A day or two for the potential baseball roadtrip, 2nd edition

A day for Kate’s birthday in Vegas in September

A week for the cruise in December

I won’t discuss plans for next year yet, even though I suspect we have a pretty good idea of what will be going on in the spring as well. And, you know, it’s all contingent on riding out this economic crap. Suddenly having every day off work is probably a lot less awesome than it sounds.

It’s currently 24 and sunny in Minneapolis. Compared to the last few weeks, that’s practically tropical.

P.S. I still have one more spot available for something free and awesome! Well, free, at least. Never mind! Chaely wins.

2 thoughts on “drinkin’ white rum in a portugal bar

  1. Reply ChaelyNo Gravatar Jan 22, 2009 3:15 pm

    Put me down for one dose of awesome.

    I wasn’t going to do the whole thing because I’m so bad about getting things in the mail when I should, but I’m dying of creativity and hopefully my cabin fever will give me an excuse to make some stuff.

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