fabregas part II!

Things about which I am very excited:

  1. Multi-part dates!
    Matt had to conduct an interview last night, so we had dinner at It’s Greek To Me and are going to see the new Coen Brothers movie tonight. I’ve heard it’s awesome.
  2. Hockey!
    I don’t know if you know this, but I LOVE HOCKEY A LOT. We’re going to the game tomorrow night, as usual.
  3. The holidays!
    I’m going to three different Thanksgivings and am already making shopping lists for baking ingredients. Also, I already bought a bunch of Xmas ornaments the other day, and I’m just waiting for the moment I can get my tree out. Next weekend, of course.
  4. My travel journal!
    Alaska is done! Only two more trips to go. I intend to finish them before…
  5. The cruise!
    …but I haven’t obsessed about excursions or anything in at least a week, so I’m trying not to think about it.
  6. Ninja Warrior!
    Sasuke 19 is on this week. It’s the most recent one, where G4 sent two American superfans to go compete. They got to hang out with the All-Stars and everything. Yes, we’re huge nerds for loving this show so much. It’s fantastic.
  7. Knitting!
    I’m getting a ton finished, partially because I’m making stuff for Xmas and baby-having (um, not me, other people). I love Ravelry for access to patterns and other people’s projects for ideas, but holy shit, it’s starting to scare me. I’ve come to realize that some knitters actually see themselves primarily as knitters. It’s their entire life, not just a hobby. That’s not really ok. I’ve even starting avoiding the discussion areas completely because it’s kind of sad. Everybody knows hockey is way more exciting than knitting anyway.

Things I’m not excited about right now? This RFP. But it must be done, so I’m back to it. Happy almost-weekend!


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