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Dear Wendy, this review is specially for you.

Product: Noxzema Bikini Shaver
Price: $1.99 for a pack of three, at Target
Pros: Works really well! Has a little comby thing so you don’t cut your hooha! Is funny when you leave the package on your boyfriend’s kitchen counter for a week!
Cons: Falls through the razor rack in the shower caddy all the damn time.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

The nice thing about writing about the holiday weekend is that I don’t really have to, because Matt covered it. Add to that a lot of cleaning and organizing at my house, and that Cindi and I went ice skating at the Depot while they braved Black Friday. Oh man, I love ice skating a lot. If I got some breezers to go with the Gophers socks that I fold down over my skates, I might be mistaken for a hockey player. In figure skates. I’d still probably be better than them on the power play.

Last night, Matt and I shopped at Midtown Exchange for Mexican soda and gifts for Awesome Christmas, and then we dined at A La Salsa, where I only know how to order one item on the menu because it’s so good: the Three Amigos. Then we got ourselves home for a spectacularly domestic night of knitting, football, and jigsaw puzzle. We’d be the Cleavers if it weren’t for all the– never mind.

Today is my parents’ anniversary*, so we’re going to Eagan for dinner with them. After which we will resume the aforementioned domesticity, and I might even finish those socks.

*Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! Thanks for not reading this!


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