hot 100 and razzmatazz (rug burn)


  • Miguel has a flat tire
  • I threw up at the Mall of America

You’d think I’d be crabby today, but I’m pretty sure that’s impossible. As for Miguel, he has run-flat tires, and apparently that means I can drive 150 more miles on them before actually getting them fixed. Since I can only go that far at 50mph, though, I opted for fixing it today. They’re going to fix the crack in his washer fluid reservoir, too (I had an appointment for that next Tuesday anyway!), and he’ll be good as new. Also, having the insurance for $400 tires? Absolutely worth it.

Also, it seems that salad and I still don’t get along very well. Which is lame, but oh well.

Since I haven’t posted in a year (according to Matt and Wendy), I’ll just provide a list of the stuff I’ve done since the last time we spoke:

– had pre-game dinner at Grumpy’s
– went to a Gophers game
– had pre-show drinks at NBA City (come on, it’s funny to be a baller) and O’Donovan’s
– saw Dillinger 4 again at the Entry (Paddy shaved half his head onstage)
– baked pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry-pecan bread, and white-chocolate macadamia nut cookies
– went to No-Coast with Matt, Wendy, and Cindi
– had lunch and margaritas at A La Salsa while the snow fell
– did a lot of knitting
– stayed in to watch the other Gophers game
– had Thanksgiving #3 all day at Pete and Christa’s new house (SO FUN)
– caught up on the greatest laundry crisis to date
– had dinner with Wendy at the Happy Gnome
– played bocce and watched the stupid Patriots win again at Half-Time Rec
– were naked lady champions, as always
– hid under the table from a scary old guy
– worked our booth at the NCEA conference at the Hyatt
– went to the Mall for xmas shopping and to scope out ideas for my work party next week
– had dinner at Ruby Tuesday (OH YEAH) with Matt and Wendy, and liked my salad for a while
– hung out at the awesome lounge in the old Thunderbird
– got a flat tire
– took Miguel to the dealership and drank their free coffee while giggling at BMW owners

And now, let’s talk about footie.

The thing about having a boyfriend who could pretty easily get a job with ESPN is that you pick up some things about sports. I knew a lot about hockey* before we started dating, but my knowledge of other sports was limited to what I picked up as a kid (baseball), what I found amusing (lacrosse), and what I actively avoided lest I doze off from boredom (football, basketball). Now I know things I never thought I would, and the fact that I just spent 15 minutes thinking about Heisman Trophy candidates is kind of messing with my self-perception right now.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that soccer is awesome. It’s like hockey on grass the pitch: fast-paced, aggressive, and low-scoring. Here are a few other reasons why I like me some futbol:

Tim Howard, Everton
James Vaughan, Everton

Thierry Henry, Barcelona (was Arsenal)

It might be said that I have a type.

Tonight we’re going to shop for the Aliveness Project, then go to Matt’s house to wrap gifts, drink nog, and eat pizza. I wish for you a similar evening, dudes, and a great weekend!


* If this article doesn’t make you choke up, you’re probably not a hockey fan.

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