date night with ryan and lebron

We were going to go see Milk at the Lagoon, but decided to go to the Wolves game when we realized that the Cavs were in town. I really, really like LeBron James.

Matt and I got dinner and 2-for-1s at the DoucheTree (aka the LoneTree), one of our longstanding pre-game traditions. As we were preparing to leave, our server asked what we were doing Friday night. We told her we were probably going to be at the Entry, so she put us on the guest list for their holiday party. If we show up at 10, there’s no cover, and we get free drinks. It may actually be worth braving the DoucheTree on a weekend night just for that. It’s me plus three guests, so… just sayin’.

As expected, the Wolves lost by 20 points, but I think even they were fine with that. When LeBron left the game with a few minutes left, he got a standing ovation from the crowd. That was pretty damn awesome.

Ryan was at the game in a client’s suite, so he met us afterwards at Sneaky Pete’s (further continuing our douchey-bar for basketball games tradition). The downstairs bar is fantastic: the wall is lined with giant HDTVs broadcasting several sporting events at once (aka Matt’s Fondest Fantasy), the female bartenders are also strippers at Dream Girls, and there are round booths in the back. Some of the tables even have naked lady machines. WIN.

I went to the bathroom on the way out, and there some kind of interpersonal disaster going on. One girl was leaning over the sink, and her friend was yelling in her ear, “ALRIGHT, NO MORE SHOTS FOR YOU!”

On a Wednesday! I’m not sure whether to be alarmed or impressed.

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