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Last night, we were out shoveling around 7pm. It was somewhere below zero (after a while, it all feels the same: sort of numb). Now, having a house on the corner is pretty awesome until it comes to shoveling time, and you realize just how many acres of sidewalk are involved. Not to mention stairs. And while our landlord did supply a snowblower, we just find it easier if both of us go out there and shovel like crazy. I think we also have a distrust of smaller motor-driven machines after that incident involving the dune buggy almost falling down a mountain in Mexico.


I had to stop mid-shoveling to come inside and recover the use of my hands. They’d gone from cold to numb to prickly stabbing that felt like it was coming from the inside out. As I sat holding them in front of the heater, I actually cried from the aching.

Tonight: NO MORE, and here is how. Please gather the following items, and you will also be just fine.

  • wool socks, as heavy as possible
  • the most expensive gloves you can buy from REI or another outfitter
  • a maroon-and-gold-striped* scarf to wrap around your face
  • 2 oz Maker’s Mark
  • 1/2 oz vermouth
  • 2-3 dashes of bitters
  • a splash of cherry juice
  • 2 cherries

Mix the Makers, vermouth, bitters, cherry juice and cherries in a glass over ice and drink. Don the other items and shovel like you just don’t care.

You’re welcome! I’m going to go finish my peppermint bark and have some dinner now.

*Not strictly necessary, but preferred.

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