Dear internet, what is up? I’m sitting here waiting for work to be over. I’ve been insanely productive already today, and also I keep forgetting it’s Friday.

Two nights ago, Matt and I went to Target for some final cruise-related items, and ended up buying many DVDs because they were $6.50. We were in search of Fight Club, but ended up with things like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off instead. Hey, you really can’t go wrong for $6.50. I also got the Pitch Black trilogy (starring Vin Diesel) for $10. Shut up. Afterward, we had a very nice dinner at King & I, and then concluded the date in the appropriate manner.

Last night, we had dinner at It’s Greek to Me with Wendy and Cindi, then were joined by Willis, Dan, and Kate at Restaurant Miami. I’ve only been meaning to go there for a year now, so it was a huge accomplishment. It’s as delightfully tacky as promised, the $8 drinks are GIGANTIC and have names like ‘her womb is so polluted’ and ‘I always tell the truth, even when I lie’. Mostly we went there as tropical-drink preparation for the cruise, and, dudes, WE ARE READY.

The last weekend before said cruise? It features two Timberwolves games (how can you pass up tickets that cheap? I kind of love crappy pro sports teams), the Swarm open house, brunch, Gophers hockey (in some form, probably recorded on the DVR), and most definitely Guitar Hero.

So, Flickr recently added stats, things like view counts and referrers. My favorite feature, though, is the list of most-viewed photos. Here are my top ten! See if you can figure out the themes.

1: girl showing buttcrack at se

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