Sunday in Pictures

This morning, we headed to the Key West Garden Club plant sale at Martello Tower (the place I first learned that you could grow a billion varieties of orchids outdoors in Key West). I bought a bromeliad (another plant-nerd plant, from what I’ve heard), a couple air plants, a piece of cypress with a hanger that a couple in Fort ...

Island Time

Everyone who’s spent time in the Caribbean is aware of the concept of island time, because nothing is on that important a schedule. It can be maddening on your first visit, but eventually you get used to it. Key West has a slight case of island time, though nothing like you’d encounter in Jamaica. Most things here are slowed down ...

What Just Happened

What Just Happened
We saw a 20th anniversary showing of Showgirls at the Key West Film Festival tonight, and then afterwards there was a Q&A with director Paul Verhoeven. He talked about Starship Troopers, Robocop, and what it was like winning 7 Razzies for Showgirls. It was fantastic. I know I say it a lot, but this town is the best.


I’m really sick. I would really like my antibiotics to start working so I can breathe, and also sleep through the night without feeling like I’m going to cough a hole into my lungs.