much improved.

I think my boyfriend was patient zero for the Great Influenza Outbreak of Aught-Eight! Everyone seems to be coming down with it now.

I knew things were not going to go well when we were playing Guitar Hero on Valentine’s Day, and I was too exhausted to keep going. I had a hundred-degree fever, but was determined that we were going to go out anyway. We had a fantastic time at Cafe Havana, despite the fact that I burned through my four pieces of Kleenex in about two seconds, and had to take my purse to the bathroom to pilfer stacks of toilet paper, torn into pieces. Also, the continual sneezing was probably pretty attractive to the other people there. Anyway, by midway through dinner, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to go to the burlesque show. That sucked, but we can go another time.

We came home and watched a movie, which I then proceeded to hallucinate about all night long. It was horrible. The fact that Matt was still recovering from the sickness was probably the only thing that kept him from booting me out of bed, because he slept like the dead and didn’t even notice the fact that I was desperately clinging to him all night, trying to stay warm. I finally became alert enough to stand up sometime early in the morning, and I went to take my temperature. It was 102, so that went a long way toward explaining the hallucinations. I took some ibuprofin and managed to sleep for a few hours. I stayed home on Friday and dedicated my time to moving as little as possible. I’d get tired walking from one room to another. HORRIBLE.

The weekend was pretty much a blur of exhaustion, piles of Kleenex (Vicks tissues? Greatest invention ever!), and running to the bathroom so I didn’t pee my pants from coughing so hard. Today is the first day I’ve felt like I’m almost completely back to my usual selfI don’t envy any of the rest of you who are just getting sick now, because it sucks. A lot.

Last night, I managed to play Guitar Hero again, so that must mean I’m pretty much cured. I still need my breathing and hearing back, but at least I have some energy again. We’re going to go out tonight to celebrate having survived the epidemic.

In non-plague-related news (sorry, there’s not a lot of it right now), I’m very happy to be the owner of the AWESOMEST HOODIE EVER. It’s grey with the State of Hockey patch on the front. Also, I uploaded a ton of old pictures, including my DEA mug shot at the age of two. Let’s hope that’s the only time I have to have one of those taken.

Dayquil is your friend! You’ll survive it, I swear.


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