god bless america for an extra day off!

As of this morning, Miguel is on the market. This can result in three things:

  1. He doesn’t sell, and I end up keeping him
  2. I pocket the profits and finance a new(er) car
  3. I use the profits to buy a cheap car, and don’t have a loan anymore

I’m not really sure which of those I prefer yet! They’d all be good. If he does sell, I suspect it’ll be a combination of the last two… buy a cheaper car, but probably one that costs more than a few thousand bucks. I’d still have a car payment, just a smaller one. Everybody wins, and by ‘everybody’, I mean me.

Last night, we assembled a much larger-than-expected crew on the patio at Suzi’s, and hung out for a satisfyingly long time. We had deep dish pizza with rum-soaked raisins in it, and I think amongst the entire table we had one of every drink on the menu. Afterwards, some of us left, and the rest of us packed Pete’s trunk full of tents and headed to Jaros’. We played naked ladies for a while, and during our last round, it suddenly became critically important that we get the high score and use the name ‘Seabiscuit’ on the top 10 list. It was extremely dramatic, and Cindi said she even got an adrenaline rush at the end. Naked Lady Olympics, here we come!!

As of yet, we have no set plans for the holiday weekend, and approximately 14,000 options. The only thing we can’t do is go camping, as our tent is now at Klein’s house. We could roadtrip, we could hang out with friends, we could go to concerts, or we could spend the entire weekend in bed. All of those are looking pretty good right now. I think we’re going to have to look into incorporating aspects of them all.

Have an excellent 4th of July weekend, dudes! Please don’t burn your hair off with bottle rockets, OK?


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