2015 in Pictures

2015 in pictures

Row 1:
Matt and Kris in their fancy Valentine’s Day gear in Jamaica
San Juan city wall
Gophers Day at the Twins game with Goldy Gopher
Our second of three residences this year (our apartment on 38th and Hiawatha)
Jumi and Sarah join a Japanese baseball team on my birthday
Smathers Beach in Key West

Row 2:
Our MN flag at our favorite campsite in Wisconsin
Rincon, Puerto Rico
NYC from above
Our favorite cabin at Boyd Lodge in Crosslake, MN
Matt and I dressed as pilgrims at work minigolf
The Montreal Biosphere

Row 3:
Split Rock Lighthouse
Bill and Matt at D4th of July
Christmas in Key West
Kayaking in Minnesota
The in-laws at Matt’s Bar
Nubble Lighthouse in Maine

Row 4:
Grand Canyon, shortly after sunrise
Chele with all of us at her wedding
Rufus, our favorite rooster
Kris, Orsi, and Matt at La Barrachina in San Juan
Bally at Waffle House in Paducah, KY on our move south
On the beach in Maine

Row 5:
Ruta de Lechon in Puerto Rico
Minneapolis on our walk across the city from west to east
My parents in Mallory Square
Our new house in Key West
Sunset + schooner in Key West
The Last Supper: final count of 111 species consumed

Row 6:
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City
Scottsdale, AZ
The Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth
Gophers celebrating the Big 10 Championship
Cliff jumping in Negril
Matt and Wendy with the moving truck in Key West. 1,945 miles total!

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