I’m Hotels.com’s MOST Preferred Customer

Hotels I’ve booked in the past few days:

  1. A night in Minneapolis the day we arrive for the holidays, 2 rooms since the in-laws will be there too.
  2. 5 nights in Minneapolis between Christmas and New Year’s, downtown so I can walk to work and Matt can wander aimlessly and do fun things (he’ll be off work), sigh
  3. A night in Sedona in January
  4. A night in Ft Lauderdale, since we have an early flight out of FLL the next morning
  5. A night in San Juan in a few weeks, plus another night for Kris and Orsi on the tail end of their trip. Orsi is in charge of booking a room on the beach in Rincon.

We’re still considering what to do over Thanksgiving, so there may be more. We’re thinking of a Keys kayaking trip plus some time in Miami, which seems pretty appealing. It’s just the idea of driving around Miami with boats on the car, you know?

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