It’s Fall!

When I got up around 8 this morning, it was overcast, windy, and 78 degrees. That was already weird, because every other morning it’s been sunny and over 80. OH GOD, IT’S FALL NOW. The 10-day forecast says 83ish during the day and 77 at night. That’s a weird fall in most places.

We rode down to Firefly for brunch and ate on their second-floor balcony. They don’t have much vegetarian there, but what they have is great. Yes, I had a biscuit and deviled eggs for brunch. Don’t judge.


Our server told us we had to join the Southernmost Bocce League. I already wanted to, but that sealed the deal. Except we need to get a lot better at bocce first.

Afterward, we rode over to Simonton Beach, parked our bikes, and walked over to the Hilton patio to watch the finals of the Superboat races. We found a spot where we could see turn 1, and the race started shortly thereafter.


The boats average well over 100mph, and were really loud. The turn was exciting because they’d disappear for a long time in their own wake, and you didn’t know if they had flipped over or not (that happened to one of them during the race).

In the last race, we picked boats. Matt had the Sailor Jerry boat, and I had a sexy Italian one. His broke and would only go half-speed; mine broke and dropped out of the race. Stupid boats.

We also learned that it’s really easy to feel like you’re on vacation here. Just wander into any resort, hang out, maybe use the pool. I swear nobody’s paying attention.

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