Move #1, Complete!

But before we talk about moving, here’s my Jamaica travel journal and photos. (It seems like that trip was so long ago!) And yes, my hockey team got knocked out in the first round of the tournament and I don’t want to talk about it.

So we moved into our new apartment last weekend. We got the keys on Tuesday, so we started moving stuff over there in carloads, and left the furniture and boxed stuff for the movers on Saturday. We had everything as organized as possible, so that the stuff going into storage was in half the house and the stuff going to the apartment was in the other half (it was more like a 2/3 storage – 1/3 apartment split, but whatever).

It took the two movers a little over 7 hours total, which was pretty impressive. We took stuff to the storage unit first, and I was glad we’d decided on one just a few blocks from our apartment, and also with a unit on the first floor. It’s 10×15, and nearly full even though we gave away and/or donated what felt like half our stuff. (Much of it is the treadmill and the few large things from the yard we wanted to hold onto.)


(The movers were fantastic and also came in well under their estimate, so I would absolutely recommend Uptown Transfer for all your moving needs.)

My mother and father-in-law were in town to help deal with the house, because Judy has nothing short of a cleaning fetish. The place was spotless by the time she was done, and we should basically just give our refunded deposit to her. Especially since they now have to get a hotel room when they visit, since we don’t have a guest room.

We’ve spent the time since unpacking, and we’re almost done. It’s a challenge moving from a 3BR house with a huge basement, porch, and yard to a 1BR apartment with a small balcony and basement storage closet, but we managed pretty well. It helps that our building is really amazing, too. In many many years of renting, I’ve never lived in a place that’s new, so amenities like a brand-new appliances, a walk-in closet, package delivery, a gym, and lots of security are still pretty amazing to me. Our kitchen has more storage than the one at our house, and the bathroom is about twice the size. We’re really pleased with it.


Oh yeah: we also live directly next to the train station on Hiawatha, so I’m able to sell my car much sooner than expected. I paid off the last bit left on the loan and should stand to do pretty well with the sale. (I’m just waiting for the weather to get nicer so I can wash it and take pictures.) I cancelled my parking contract, my gym membership, and we’ll be bidding a joyful farewell to Comcast tomorrow, since our apartment includes satellite and internet for $50 a month. All of that adds up to a highly positive financial experience in the six months leading up to a cross-country move. (Plus I’ll actually get some reading done on my very short commute.)

The MSP International Film Festival starts this week and we have tickets to six films, so we’re looking forward to getting back to normal and doing non-moving-related stuff for a while. We’re going to our up-north cabin in two weeks and Quebec and New England at the end of May, so there’s plenty to occupy us before we have to think about packing all our stuff again.

At least next time the move will take us much closer to the ocean. Like, within a mile of it. How exciting is that?


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