Top 10 Moments in NYC. #8 Will Shock You!

1: Seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris. (I’d love that show with anyone, but still.) I was so excited during the show I kept crying. And how could I not get the Hedwig towel??


2: Our brunch cruise on a small 30s-era yacht (ok, it was a reproduction) that circumnavigated Manhattan Island. This picture is titled, “The Gang Goes to New York”.


3: Wandering into a pizza place in Brooklyn and being handed a bottle of prosecco to celebrate their 90th anniversary. The people running the place were the most awesome Italian family ever, and they swear that Grampa Totonno introduced pizza to America.


4: Going to Sleep No More with Matt and Jumi, where we had to don scary Venetian-style masks and wander around a building silently for three hours, watching a weird deconstructed version of Macbeth play out. Everything was dimly-lit and menacing, and we were encouraged to dig through drawers and read letters we found along the way. I wish we could’ve taken photos (you couldn’t even bring a purse with you), because it’s impossible to convey just how creepy and awesome it was. AND we got to keep the masks.


5: Coney Island! I expected Atlantic City, and it was way better.


6: Having rum punch and festival at Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican restaurant/bakery/record shop that could never exist in flyover country.


7: Gawking at the incredible array of produce at Chelsea Market and Eataly. They had fresh things I’d only ever heard tell of.


8: Matt taking Bally to see the West 4th Street Courts, otherwise known as The Cage. It was a pretty excellent sports-history-nerd moment for him.


9: Pegu Club, Dead Rabbit, Momofuku, Ivan Ramen… you know, awesome famous New York stuff. (Sadly, we ran out of time for PDT.)


10: Walking on the High Line, which was way cooler than I expected, and only half as hipstery.


11 (bonus item!): Picnic in Central Park



Bottom 10 moments in New York:

1: Organic yogurt shortage!!!!!!


2- 10: Every single time we had to walk through Times Square. What a remarkably terrible place.



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