So many beaches.

We’re home from vacation! We managed to plan our return at the ideal time, too; Minnesota suffered another horrible cold streak while we were gone, but we arrived home just in time for the warmup. It’s been gloriously spring-like the last couple of days.

It’ll take me a while to get around to writing more, so here are some of my favorite photos!!

Vacation Mosaic

1. Navio beach, Vieques. One that you need a Jeep to get to, for good reason.
2. San Juan street
3. ‘Pon di beach in Barbados. (Accra/Rockley)
4. Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
5. Bally at Solomon Beach, St. John
6. Our Jeep, Cap’n Ron in Vieques – so fun to drive.
7. Nelson’s Dockyard, all the nautical nerdery (and scenery) you could ever want in Antigua
8. Proof that two Minnesotans can open a coconut with a machete.
9. Delta jet over Maho Beach, Sint Maarten – One of my favorite things we saw on vacation. The other was the BioBay in Vieques, and there are no photos!
10. Matt as an invalid, hiding from the sun in Antigua
11. The view from my chair at Navio Beach – It was a very hard day, obviously. I used a palm tree as an ottoman.
12. From the city wall in San Juan
13. Bally on the catamaran in St. Lucia
14. You can see how crowded the beaches get in Vieques.
15. The Ramshackle – our favorite waypoint in Vieques
16. Bally and the Captain at Maho Beach
17. On the tarmac at SJU getting off our 6-seat Cessna
18. Eli and Matt
19. Les Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site in St. Lucia
20. Cannonbally at Nelson’s Dockyard
21. The view from Blue Beach, Vieques (this is the beach where you have to stay in marked areas lest you stumble upon unexploded ordnance)
22. Bathroom selfie at El Batey, one of the greatest bars on earth
23. From the city gate looking across the harbor (San Juan)
24. Matt’s most-decadent birthday breakfast caviar and truffles!
25. Banks, the beer of Barbados on Rockley Beach
26. Matt, also celebrating 35 years together with St. Lucia
27. Vieques directions (‘Ceiba tree, beach, more beach’)
28. England expects that every man will do his duty signal flag display at the Nelson’s Dockyard museum
29. Bally and pal – our hacienda in Vieques was full of African masks.
30. Annoyed cat is annoyed. (One of the many, many feral cats in San Juan)
31. Solomon Beach, St John
32. The west end of Vieques from Mosquito Pier
33. Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua
34. Bally’s coconut hat
35. The patio at our hacienda, overlooking the ocean – having breakfast here daily was incredible.
36. Sun Bay, Vieques

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