No mas frío

I’ve been seeing extended weather predictions stating that we’re supposed to have a gigantic storm tomorrow and return to subzero weather in Minnesota for the end of February, which makes me really happy that we won’t be coming back here til March. At which point I assume there will be flowers growing and rainbows in the sky every morning. Right? Right.

Valentine’s Day was fantastic this year. Witness:




Yes, we went to Grumpy’s for dinner and then a Gophers game, because that’s what we did on our first date, and also because it’s one of our favorite things. The Gophers won in satisfying fashion, too, so that was a nice comeback after that stupid weekend against the Badgers. They’re #2 in the country now, and that’s totally fine with me.

(My sister wants to go see the NCAA regionals here. I think I’m too scared to go in person.)

It’s been pretty quiet around our house because we’re in pre-vacation mode. That means the packing is already done, the house is cleaner than usual, and we’re not spending much money going out. (I’m not even sure if we do that intentionally, it just seems to work out that way.) Also, being at home for a while is more enjoyable if you know you’ll be gone for a couple weeks. I’ve gotten a lot of knitting and a lot of Olympics-watching done, and we finished with the Sopranos on Sunday night. I knew people raved about that show, but I never expected it to be that excellent. I’ll miss it. (Luckily I’m only on season three of The Wire for my treadmill-watching.)

We have a pre-6am flight Friday morning, which means I’ll be up shortly after 3am, and that makes me wonder if we shouldn’t just sleep under a bench at the airport or something. Since we’re flying United (I have never in my life wanted to fly United based on their reputation, but the tickets were $600 cheaper than Delta!), we have a 55-minute layover in Chicago that morning. I expect that I’ll be in full panic mode until we board that second flight. After that, I’ll just be daydreaming about our evening stroll around San Juan, and return visit to El Batey.

The Monday forecast for Barbados is 87 and sunny, in case you were wondering.

Oh, and P.S.: since we’re leaving, I posted my unexciting 101 Things update for February. Already. March will have a lot more goin’ on.

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