You’ve heard this already, but IT’S COLD.

OK, so I haven’t updated in forever again except for 101 Things stuff (which I love, but still). The end of the year has been just as busy as the last six months, so that’s why. And holy crap, work is insanely busy. Mostly in a good way (I really like making stuff great), but occasionally I feel the need to scream just a little.

What’s been going on, apart from the usual?

  1. Matt’s been hosting, and I’ve been scoring, a very successful trivia night at Pour Decisions brewery. It’s been incredibly fun.
  2. Because of the scoring trivia thing, I decided to write an application for it. There aren’t really any good solutions for that online, and everyone seems to use Excel. It’s mostly great appdev practice, and I feel like I already known a million more things than I did when I started working with MVC.
  3. We had the entire family over for Thanksgiving: my family including my brother, sister-in-law and nieces from Florida, and my in-laws. It was fantastic, and I was happy to eat awesome leftovers for 4 days after that.
  4. We adopted a family of four for the Aliveness Project, and shopped for them last night. We did well! I also made 20+ dozen cookies to drop off along with the gifts.
  5. It has been ridiculously, painfully cold in Minnesota for almost two weeks now. It snowed, so the side streets are covered in ice, and commuting sucks. I remind myself regularly to make a mental note of things I do actually like about Minnesota so I can survive a few more years here. Layered wool socks and my electric blanket help a lot.
  6. So does hockey. The Gophers are really fun to watch this year.
  7. Matt and I are going to Chicago for a long weekend on Thursday. We’re staying at the fancy-ass Renaissance Blackstone because Amex had a free night deal (and it was cheaper than, say, the Holiday Inn), and flying Sun Country to Midway. Thank god, because O’Hare is kind of miserable.
  8. (Of course we’re flying United through O’Hare in February. I’m positive we’re going to miss the flight to San Juan because UNITED SUCKS.)
  9. We also booked our winter stay at Boyd Lodge in Crosslake. Wendy, Amelia, Missy and Joe are going as well (we got a cabin with three adult-sized bedrooms, plus a random assortment of other beds), and we’re going over Super Bowl weekend, which is kind of perfect. I’m looking forward to ice skating, cooking fancy meals, playing Cards Against Humanity, and going in the hot tub every night.
  10. Oh yeah, we also learned to curl!! It was awesome, and I’d like to be in a beginner league, even if the bruise on my knee took almost three weeks to go away. I’m very delicate, obviously.
  11. We bought a new laptop from Woot (I had to have Joe review the specs, because I’m a developer who knows basically nothing about hardware anymore), and I started setting it up after shopping last night. It’s about 200% more powerful than our Craptop(TM), so my first software installation was Visual Studio, and next up will be SQL Server. (Shut up, I’m really excited about being able to work on stuff on my own computer!) Also, I don’t get people’s beef with Windows 8… I’m liking it a lot now that I’ve figured out how to get to the control panel. If you don’t have a touchscreen, though, it would be kind of pointless.

As with every year, here is the obligatory photo of my awesome silver Christmas tree!! God, I love this time of year, at least the non-weather-related part.

We're definitely ready for Christmas.

I’m going to be back here again before the end of the year, I swear it.

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