She SPOKE on it.

Oh god, Vegas and my birthday were great in so many ways. It was a billion degrees, we covered a ton of ground, I did pretty well gambling, and my friends are all awesome. I won’t recap that here because there’s a travel journal to be written, but I will send you to look at my photos on Flickr.

This post-vacation week has been pretty quiet. Matt and I had dinner and played cribbage at Barley John’s (note to self: our bar needs cribbage tables), then began minigolf league at Goony Golf in BFE, Minnesota, where I played surprisingly well. Wednesday we watched the Twins in a last-minute come-from-behind win over the Phillies, then sat in the parking ramp so long I considered just staying overnight at work. Yesterday I went to the doctor and determined that basically there’s nothing wrong with me, so that’s awesome. (As a medical paranoiac, I can use the reassurance every six months or so.)

Last night, we made our first meal involving several things from the garden, which is always exciting. I guess that’s one good thing about the near-constant rain here.

This weekend should be relaxed, too: I’d like to get materials for a new batch of beer (it’ll be a Belgian this time; I have decreed it) and do some shopping for Father’s Day, possibly kayak if it’s not raining, go see Public Static at Palmers (a.k.a. the greatest disaster bar in Minneapolis), and then spend some family time celebrating my birthday, my dad, and my parents’ million photos from Alaska. They absolutely loved it, as they should.

I’m still working on my MVC/EF C# application at work, and I’m holding my breath for the time when I find out the downside to this combination of technologies. It blows my mind pretty much every day, and makes my job really exciting again. That’s an awesome place to be in, considering I’ve been working on this stuff for longer than I remember.


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