It’s never been winter on my birthday before. 1

On the way to work this morning, I considered actually crying over the weather, it’s been so terrible lately. We still haven’t had anything really approaching summer, and I’ve been wearing my cold-weather clothes all week. I didn’t think when we booked a trip to Vegas for my birthday that we’d be escaping Minnesota weather in June, but there it is.

Reprieve is at hand, however, via a 4:00 flight. We’re flying out with Missy and Joe tonight, who are visiting Las Vegas for their first! time! ever!, so we’re looking forward to showing them around. Tomorrow we’ll be joined by Sarah, Doran, Wendy, Amelia, Bill, and Katie, and then the awesome will be in full-force.

I’m turning 40 on Saturday, which is kind of a shock. I don’t feel 40, especially in the brain region. I’m just really excited to celebrate that potentially-depressing milestone surrounded by a bunch of my favorite people, and then I get to laugh at them in coming years when they get there, too.

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