Almost Summer!

Catching up! I’ve been really busy at work, and I don’t think much about using computers when I’m at home.

My in-laws came to visit on Mother’s day weekend, so we had my family over for a huge brunch on Sunday morning. We had a great time, then went to the Twins game with Matt’s parents. It was floppy hat day, so between that and her bloody mary, Judy was having a good day:

my mother-in-law is having a good day.

Monday I had happy hour with Michele to pick her brain about nursing information (we conveniently arrived at happy hour just as the governor was signing the bill to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota, HOORAY!), Tuesday we took our kayaks out on Lake Harriet for the first time this season, and Wednesday our team took second at pub quiz league. When your main competition is a team of five old guys and there’s a military commanders photo round, chances are you’re going to lose to them.

Thursday, I got my urban farm going for the year. It’s all planted except for tomatoes and peppers (it’s still too cold) and the sweet potatoes that should be arriving any day. It looks pretty good, too.

hand-tilled like in the olden days. #bonuscardio

Friday, Matt and I went to opening night at Canterbury, and had a largely unsuccessful handicapping night. We bet on the Preakness, too, and I think I picked Oxbow amongst my array of long shots, but I’m not positive because you can only access the betting application while you’re on their property. Hopefully I’ll have a pleasant surprise next time we’re there.

Saturday was the season opener of Saturday Afternoon Meats. It was formerly known as Friday Night Meats, but now all my friends are old and have babies. LOTS of them. After everyone left around 8, Matt and I had a bonfire in the yard.

babies love saturday afternoon meats.

Yesterday, I did the Minnesota AIDS Walk with Wendy and Amelia. It stormed in the morning and all through the late afternoon, but we had a few hours of perfect weather for the six-mile walk. Thanks, nature!!

Round about 8pm Tuesday night, I realized I had a sinus infection. I can’t have a cold and not get a sinus infection, so that made sense. My sister told me to try Virtuwell, so I fired it up, went through their interview tool, and a nurse got back to me with my diagnosis within ten minutes. She sent a prescription to the 24-hour Walgreens in Edina, which meant I was able to start my antibiotics by 10pm. THAT’S AMAZING.

Last night we bought plane tickets from San Juan to Vieques. You don’t get to pick seats on those flights, because these are the planes they fly. Awesome.

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