Ahoy, mateys.

The two weeks I’ve been back at work post-vacation have been INSANE. There was a multi-day process involving technical interviews over the phone. There were several hours devoted to project estimates, there was a client demo, and there was a bunch of enhancement work. I scrambled to finish the development part of that in record time so that I could enjoy some quiet at my desk for a while. It’s a refreshing break.

Last weekend, we bought two trips from Delta.com on the same day, which means they officially own us. We had a companion voucher to use up, so we found good flights to Reagan Int’l and an awesomely cheap hotel right on the Metro in Alexandria. We’re going the last weekend in April, so hopefully the weather is right and there will still be cherry blossoms on the trees in DC. We already have reservations for two of Jose Andres’ restaurants, and plan to spend the daytime brushing up on our American heritage (i.e. walking a million miles on the National Mall) and taking in a Washington Nationals game.

The second trip we booked is to the Florida Keys with Matt’s parents. We’re going October 5-12, flying into Ft Lauderdale and driving down the Keys. We’d like to spend a night in Fort Lauderdale, 2-3 nights somewhere around Islamorada or Marathon, 2-3 in Key West, and probably the last night in Miami. I’ve been looking at the little beachside hotels in the Keys, and oh my god, they’re adorable. One place has free motorboat rentals. SOLD. (Also, Matt’s parents haven’t been on an airplane since he was a teenager. That is going to be interesting.)

We redeemed frequent flyer miles for one of those tickets, because we’re fans of the BOGO situation. I plan to do the same for our Puerto Rico trip next February, because booking for that comes available within a few weeks. From what I’ve seen on Delta’s site, you need to jump on those ASAP to get them for 50k or less, but they’re expensive, so it’s worth it.

In the past week or so… I finally got over my food poisoning after a few days, and I would like to never do that again, please. Because I’m pretty sure it was from sprouts, I decided to grow my own at home instead. (That’s partly motivated by the fact that I can’t start garden prep yet, but I keep thinking about it constantly.) I have a colander full of mustard sprouts growing on the counter, and I’m hoping they’re really spicy.

Last weekend, the Gophers clinched a share of the MacNaughton cup (which equates to “first place in the conference”), and this weekend we get to play Bemidji at home again in the first round of the WCHA tournament. I’m not terribly worried since we swept them, but then again I have to maintain my usual level of nervousness over the whole thing since we have Final Five tickets. Final Final Five, I mean. As you know, it’s my favorite weekend of the year.

(I know there will still be a Final Five for the Zombie WCHA. It just isn’t the same without the Gophers, and I’m already pre-annoyed at the Big 10 Tournament.)

(Yes, I have already purchased tickets to the Big 10 Tournament, more than a year in advance.)

We tried our first Tabata the other night, and my legs are still sore. Holy crap. We also went to see Jack Brass Band at Amsterdam, because we haven’t seen them in a long while, and there’s never a bad time for New Orleans music. (The food at Amsterdam is great, by the way. We’ll be going there again next weekend.) We also had brunch again at Icehouse, confirming that yes, their brunch is indeed excellent. Plus the portions are small enough that you only need to nap a little afterwards. That’s how it should be.

Last night, Wendy asked Matt to be in their wedding party. It involved baguettes and threats of having to wear sailor suits. I can’t wait to fulfill my role as the best first mate of honor!

My 101 Things Project reaches the 1001 day point in 17 days. Am I going to get anything more done by that point?? Unlikely, but I’m pretty happy with upwards of 70% completion. I have a new list almost ready to go, so I should probably review that before overcommitting again.

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