I’m ok with January right now.

In 2013, I should resolve to actually update more often, but I know better. Plus I’m usually too busy with awesome things to post, so I’m OK with it.

My holidays were excellent, and I really like the way it worked out with the in-laws coming here to visit. My brother and his family were in town from Florida, so that meant the entire family was able to get together on Christmas Day. Also, we didn’t have to risk our lives in the annual driving-to-South-Dakota snowstorm. (No, Matt’s parents didn’t encounter it; it only happens to us.)

Jumi and Josh’s wedding was the weekend before Christmas, and we had a fantastic time. We had rooms at the St Paul Hotel, and appreciated getting to experience that swankness, too. The annual New Year’s Eve party at Joe and Missy’s house was awesome. I was a little crabby about having to work again the first week in January since everybody else seemed to be at home, but it’s been pretty quiet for the most part.

Speaking of work, I decided to revisit an old personal project to get my web skills up to date. It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything web-related outside of WordPress, and several years since I’ve worked with anything that was even really current at the time. So that’s been going well, and then Matt and I took on a freelance project in addition to that. Between that and meetings about new projects at work, there’s been a lot of web stuff going on lately. Like, to the point that I dream about it. Nerd.

Things have been very calm so far this year, and that’s been very enjoyable. We’ve been making some awesome gourmet food from new cookbooks such as Street Food and Plenty, both of which do vegetarian right. I’ve finished some knitting and started some new knitting to work on on vacation. We saw Django Unchained, which you’d be remiss in not seeing too. I’ve been thrilled about the Gophers, as my favorite hockey team is currently #1 in the nation. I keep daydreaming about our trip to the cabin up north two weekends from now, so there better still be some damn snow when we arrive.

And now I should probably get back to work.

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