South Dakota is for Lovers

Our trip to Watertown for Thanksgiving was excellent. We arrived Wednesday night without encountering a single deadly snowstorm along the way, and Matt’s parents were waiting with drinks in hand. Thursday was almost entirely devoted to cooking and eating this:

thanksgiving dinner

(That weird tube is my fake turkey… it’s Quorn and I don’t really like it, but my mother-in-law thinks I do.)

The rest of the weekend was devoted to hanging out, both at the house and in Watertown. We made our obligatory mall and Shopko trips, and then visited some of the local watering holes.

video lottery

“Video Lottery” is how South Dakotans avoid paying income tax. I’m only happy to contribute.

duffy's, empty

We met up with a couple of Matt’s old high school friends on Friday night and made the rounds. Everything was nearly empty… it was strange. We had a great time regardless, and I’m glad that Felberg and Hillary moved to St Paul recently.

our small business saturday... $8 after the amex rebates.

We also took advantage of Small Business Saturday. Whereas in Minneapolis you can earn your $25 rebate and any number of local restaurants and shops, in Watertown it’s pretty much Pizza Ranch and all the bars and liquor stores. So we got $50 in free booze.

On Monday, we set up the Christmas tree. This year we added ornaments from Monaco, Bemidji, Barcelona, our cruise ship on the Mediterranean, and the Mississippi Headwaters. We had to demote a bunch of old ornaments to make them fit… I’m thinking the solution is two Christmas trees.

we're ready for christmas.

The outdoor lights and the indoor decorations are up, and we already have a bunch of presents under the tree. I’m really excited to celebrate Christmas in town this year, and also that I’m almost done shopping. We were late ordering Christmas cards, so let’s hope Vistaprint is as fast as usual.

This weekend, Joe and Missy got married!! It was a great wedding, and I was sore from dancing the next day. We’re throwing a shower for them at work this Friday, and I’m pleased to be involved with the planning, since it means I can help embarrass them as much as possible.


Other than that… well, work has been insanely busy, as it has been for months. We saw the UNO-Gophers loss on Friday night, so our unbeaten streak is officially broken. We had a ping pong tournament at work, and I was knocked out in the first round (as I expected, but apparently other people picked me to win the whole thing, just because I love to smack-talk about any competition). I’ve been working on some of the items on my 101 Things list, like this exciting craft project:

crafts in progress

(Cutting up aluminum cans isn’t anywhere near as deadly as you might think.)

And tonight we’re going to see the 20th anniversary showing of Reservoir Dogs. 20 YEARS. Man, we’re old now.

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