Bring on the holidays.

Holy crap, this is twice in two weeks that I’ve updated here. Granted, the last post was a photo and completely half-assed, but come on… I had just barely escaped death in Alameda.

Anyway! Since we’re on the subject, here are my photos from San Francisco. My favorite parts of the trip were our tour of Alcatraz in 80-degree-and-sunny weather, the visits to both oldschool and modern tiki bars (which were fantastic in very distinct ways), and getting to hang out with friends from faraway places. I will write more about all of this when I get around to updating my travel journal.

I woke up with a cold on our last morning in California, and while the cold itself ran its course in only a few not terribly miserable days, some combination of the flight, boat rides, and congestion (plus my generally horrible inner ear conditions) led to a hell of a case of vertigo. I’m prone to mal du debarquement even after something as simple as kayaking, but this has been an exciting new super-intense version. For four days or so I felt like I was spinning and rocking at the same time, and was scared to even walk down stairs. It’s now started to subside into a gentle rocking motion that gets worse when I walk or ride the bike at the gym, but at least it’s a known quantity, and I figure it’ll eventually go away.

The application I’ve been toiling away on at work for… 2 years, maybe? Forever? Anyway, it has fully gone into production as of today, and I am extremely thrilled about that. Granted, it means if something breaks it’s more of an emergency to fix it, but nothing is going to break. Ever again. Right? That’s what I thought.

I’ve been working on putting together an up-north cabin weekend in January for me and Matt, plus whoever wishes to join us. I found a couple places north of Brainerd that are fantastic, in that they’re very cabin-y, but have modern amenities, fireplaces, access to a hot tub and sauna, and are right near winter trails where we can snowshoe and ski. Mid-January should be perfectly situated between the holidays and our trip to Jamaica in mid-February, and this will probably make me hate winter a lot less.

Speaking of the holidays, I CAN’T WAIT. We’re having Thanksgiving in Watertown with the in-laws, in place of our usual Christmas trip. We haven’t been there since last Christmas, so I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be 4 days of hanging out, playing cards and dominoes, watching sports, knitting, 4pm cocktail hour, and the usual post-holiday visit to the sales at Shopko and the Watertown Mall. Since Jumi and Josh’s wedding is the weekend before Christmas, Matt’s parents will come to Minneapolis instead, which means we can get both of our families together at my mom’s house. I can’t decide if that will be entertaining or catastrophic, but I’m expecting a little of both.

And now it’s Friday afternoon, so I’m going to sit here and worry about the Gophers playing the stupid pantless Badgers tonight. Here’s hoping they step it up for some actual rivals.

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